How to Brew Your Coffee While Camping:

As a full time RV’er, on a 16,000 mile Journey Across America in pursuit of the finest coffee roasters on earth, you learn a thing or two about brewing coffee outdoors. My name’s Mike Callahan, Founder of

We sell premium, Fresh Roasted, Small Batch, Eco Friendly Coffee with 100% of our profits supporting Animal Welfare. We offer Free delivery on-line, directly to you and the safety of your own home, wherever that home may be parked.

It’s been a terrible year with the Pandemic, and we’re just trying to make it a little bit safer and a lot more delicious for everyone. Although we‘re usually staying in our RV during our long journeys, we did our fair share of hiking and camping out under the stars, sitting around a roaring campfire.

There are a few basic items required for brewing while camping. Pre-ground or whole bean?

The true coffee connoisseur would recommend fresh ground, as oils and flavors of the bean will increasingly escape after grinding and you can lose as much as 60% of the flavor and aroma over time.

You should keep your beans in an airtight container with a “One Way Degassing Valve” that allows these gasses to escape without letting oxygen in. The bags our coffees are shipped in are perfect for this.

I get it, in a perfect world, for maximum quality, grinding on site is the way to go, but if convenience dictates, grind as close to your departure time as possible, or buy our Fresh Roasted Ground if desired, it’s all good!

Portable grinders:

There are numerous grinders to be found on Amazon, and several  manually operated grinders can be purchased for as little as $12.00. Our Coffee Journey began in Boston, down to Key West, through New Orleans, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and everywhere in-between.

As a private pilot and volunteer with the New England Aquarium, transporting endangered sea turtles, I’ve been a long time animal welfare advocate with numerous articles written about my many ventures on the front pages of Beverly’s North Shore Sunday and the social columns of the Boston Herald.

If you’d like to enjoy the videos of our 16,000 mile Journey across America in search of the finest coffee roasters on the planet, including private tours of the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Historic Tombstone, both pre and post pandemic.

My traveling companion Alissa, our two dogs and her two ferrets were usually in charge of building the fire, while I sat, grinding away at our recently sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans.

One of our favorite sites is The Grand Canyon. Waking up to the spectacular sunrises at the Southern Rim, with the occasional Antelope and Mule Deer wandering through our Campsite looking for a pat on the head, and a good scratching behind their furry little ears… how cool is that?  Waaaay cool, and we’ve got the videos to prove it!

Fortunately we didn’t have any bears poking their noses around or chomping on us for dinner.


You just can’t make a good cup of coffee without that glorious water. I recommend using fresh spring water and reusable containers to minimize waste and maximize flavor.

Heating the Water:

Hopefully you brought a sturdy pot or kettle of some sort (and maybe a small grill to place over the fire). Heat the water until it comes to a boil.

If you have a camp stove, that’s even better, ‘cuz who wants to build a fire when you just wake up and want COFFEE… NOW!

Make sure you have a proper hand/oven mitt so you don’t burn your hands, and make sure you always have complete control of the scalding hot water container… you don’t want to burn anyone, as medical help could be miles away, and there’s usually lots of things to trip over in a campsite. Safety is always my first priority, and it should be yours as well.

Also, make sure it doesn’t have a handle that will melt in the heat (guess how I know this). Once you get your water heated, it’s on to the next part.

So Now What?

You need a filter of some sort, and of course the proper StarBarks Coffee mugs to drink it out of. There are several types of filters available. The “AeroPress”:

The “French Press”:

The French Press (often made of glass) but for camping, you should choose a metal one. 

The “Pour Over”:

This method is very portable and about as simple as it gets. 


Now Picture This

In your infinite wisdom and compassion, you’ve chosen to buy some of our StarBarks Coffee. We won’t ship it until it’s freshly roasted and ready to go. It’s sent directly to you, wherever that may be, hopefully someplace really cool, or at least someplace that’s right for you at the moment.

You brew it up as you try to wake up, sit down on the nearest log, listening to our favorite music (the sound of nature), half asleep, trying to remember the good parts of that dream you were just having, and your plans for the day and how to get everything done and how the world is sometimes so overwhelming you just want to go back to bed…but wait!

You smile, and slowly remember… oh ya, I’m camping, freakin’ awesome, and sigh in sheer pleasure, anticipating what you know is coming… oh baby…some of the world’s most compassionate coffee that can only be fully appreciated by sipping it from one of our awesome mugs (ordered separately), and fantasizing about all the wonderful little dogs, cats, and various creatures large and small that are starting off their day a little bit better too, and a lot safer… because of you my dear friends.

The animals you’ve helped this morning with your purchases, and all the animals you hope to see during the day ahead of you, in the great outdoors, is that an awesome start to your day, or what?

You’ve done a wonderful and compassionate thing… you’ve got the mug to prove it, and the coffee to use it!

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