My Quest for the Perfect Fundraiser

As a Private Pilot, and volunteer with the New England Aquarium in Boston, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore transporting endangered sea turtles, I’ve been a long time Animal Welfare Advocate. My North American Sealcoat business allowed me the freedom to travel during the winter months, so I moved aboard an RV camper full time, and headed cross country seeking the one product almost everyone consumes on a daily basis, and that would be coffee and/or teas.


Homemade Coffee Roasting on an Open Grill

Thus began my coffee roasting career! I quickly outgrew my roasting capacity,  allowing me the freedom to outsource production to those far more experienced and qualified to roast the finest coffees available at any price!

We specialize in small batches of ” Eco Friendly, Sustainable Coffees, Fresh Roasted, and shipped to order. For that reason, delivery times may vary, depending on current imports and roasting schedules. Our most popular blends usually ship free within days and we’ll keep you updated on delivery times. More important than cost, is the value received for your coffee purchases at StarBarks Coffee. Saving lives one cup at a time…

If you enjoy Coffee & Teas, you deserve the very best while supporting a great cause, from someone with a very long, hard earned, and well proven record of excellence in business! Yes…that would be me!

I’ve also created an Affiliate Membership Program to generate funds for anyone with a contact list. Any organization such as animal rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, school fundraisers, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, or simply an individual seeking to generate extra funds for their family can now join and prosper.

Fundraising Made Easy!

Let us create your next National Fundraising Campaign for you. Contact us below for more info.

My Journeys

This is our Transport Plane.

This video is our Private Tour of the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key Florida.

This video was taken at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Candy Kitchen New Mexico.

This is a compilation video of our “Journey Across America”, visiting & supporting Animal Welfare, Shelters & Sanctuaries. 16,000 miles of AWESOME!

It’s a bit long, so may I suggest you brew a pot of StarBarks Coffee, relax, & enjoy the video!

We haven't been Everywhere yet... but it's on our List!

Our goal is to share our passion for RV Travel, Animals, and of course…Coffee and (soon) Tea.

Join us as we explore the Florida Keys, the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, Redwood Forest, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pismo Beach, Padre Island TX, and everything in between!

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